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Holt / United Kingdom

Gresham\'s Gresham's is an independent boarding school on the North Norfolk coast.

Pupils' Art Works

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Theo Knapp, 18yrs   Chaos Theory
Emily Joice, 18yrs   Rope
Emily Johnston, 18yrs   Cause and Effect
Charlotte Smith, 18yrs   Emily\'s Back
Emma Camperio Ciani, 18yrs   The Echo Chamber
Alice Carrick-Smith, 18yrs   How Society Works
Zoe Richings, 18yrs   Caitlan No.2
Rebecca Haley, 18yrs    Circles
David Wiley, 18yrs    men of sorts
Chalotte Smith, 18yrs   Ouch
Susannah Willcox, 18yrs   Disection of a place
Max King, 18yrs   recycle
Theo Knapp, 18yrs   Fragments