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Trinity High School

Worcestershire / United Kingdom

TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL At Trinity we seek to create self-motivated, independent learners with effective skills in research and problem solving in preparation for life and work in the 21st century.

We have a broad, challenging and lively curriculum offering students a broad range of subjects, both academic and vocational, at all levels.

The curriculum is delivered by a team of highly qualified, motivated teachers and support staff who have the highest expectations of their students.

We have created a first class learning environment and a wide range of specialist facilities, including a first class Learning Resources Centre, ICT suites, Sports Hall and Astro Turf, and exceptional Design and Technology rooms.

As a Business and Enterprise College, we are using our specialist status to raise achievement and provide more breadth to the learning opportunities for all members of the school and wider community.

Pupils' Art Works

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Charlotte, 19yrs   Ink & Water Photo
Charlie, 14yrs   Capall
Elvis, 15yrs   First Light
Ellie, 14yrs   Me
Ben, 17yrs   Flower Kaleidoscope 1
Ben, 17yrs   Flower Kaleidoscope 2
Georgia, 16yrs   Reflections
Bella, 16yrs  
Kinga, 17yrs   Reflection
Isabelle, 17yrs  
Raine, 16yrs  
Natalia, 18yrs   Macro
Shannon, 18yrs  
Kelsey, 14yrs   Lilly
Sam, 15yrs   Flowers
Amber, 14yrs   Ink and Water Space Odyssey
Megan, 14yrs   Spikes
Perry, 15yrs   Super Lava
Loreta, 14yrs   Lava Lamp
Steph, 14yrs   Self-portrait
Megan , 16yrs  
Molly, 14yrs   The Big Splash