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Let\'s Art Youth Art Center Let's Art is a Private Art School for talented youth in creative art and design locationed in the hub of Seoul, Korea. It has established in October 18, 2003 and continues the long tradition to nurture and support creative youth.

Pupils' Art Works

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Gyeong-Min Nam, 12yrs   Twilght Street on my memory
Mi-Ri Kang, 16yrs   memory in space
2nd Graders, 8yrs   Monet\'s Water Lillies
2nd Graders, 8yrs   Monet\'s Water Lillies
Christine Yeju Lee, 13yrs   Portrait of my fear friend
Christine Yeju Lee, 13yrs   Music and Memories
Dae-Young Kim, 9yrs   Fear
Dae-Young Kim, 8yrs   Fear
GYeong-Jun Min, 8yrs   Killer Clam
Gyeong-Jun Min, 8yrs   Killer Clam
Hee Suh, 8yrs   Habitat
Hee Suh, 8yrs   Habitat
Hee Suh, 8yrs   Habitat
Hye-Min Yoo, 8yrs   Speed Rider: Mice on Mouse
Hye-Min Yoo, 8yrs   Speed Riders: Mice on Mouse
In-Bin Park, 8yrs   Imagination: Spagetti Factory
In-Bin Park, 8yrs   Imagination: Spagetti Factory
Ji-Eun Shin, 8yrs   Winter Memories
Ji-Woo Soh, 8yrs   No Fishing
Ji-Woo Soh, 8yrs   No Fishing
Madison Seung-Ju Woo, 13yrs   Family Vacation
Madison Seung-Ju Woo, 13yrs   Family Vacation
Myeong-Bin Choi, 7yrs   Beet
Myeong-Bin Choi, 7yrs   Beet
Myeong-Bin Choi, 7yrs   Predators
Myeong-Bin Choi, 8yrs   Predators
Dae-Young Kim, 8yrs   Compostion-Navigation
Do-Hoon Lee, 10yrs   Compostion-Destination
Je-Sung Yoon, 10yrs   Compostion-Pattern
Ji-In Kim, 8yrs   Composition
Ji-Woo Soh, 9yrs   Composition-Balance
Madison Seung-Ju Woo, 14yrs   Composition 1
So-Yeon Kim, 13yrs   Composition
Mi-Ri Kang, 17yrs   Compostion
Madison Seung-Ju Woo, 14yrs   Compostion-Nature
Ye-Ji Sohn, 15yrs   Composition
Yoon-Sik Jung, 11yrs   Composition
Yeon-Geon Park, 14yrs   Composition and Balance
Dae-Young Kim, 8yrs   Portrait of my father
Yeon-Geon Park, 15yrs   Self Portrait
Ho-Jun Lee, 10yrs   Self Portrait
Jung-Hyeon Kim, 15yrs   Girl Friend
Ji-Eun Shin, 8yrs   Mom
Jini Park, 15yrs   Portrait
Ji-Woo Soh, 8yrs   Father
Mi-Ri Kang, 18yrs   My father
Nu-Ri Kim, 14yrs   grand ma in different times
So-Eun Kim, 15yrs   A Portrait of chuch boy
Do-Hoon Lee, 10yrs   Emotion-Predator
Je-Sung Yoon, 10yrs   Emotion-Predator
Je-Young Park, 10yrs   Smile
Seo-Jun Yoon, 8yrs   Dragon
Yeon-Geon Park, 15yrs   Scream and threat
Yoon-Sik Jung, 11yrs   Adopt me
Gyeong-Min Nam, 13yrs   Hello
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Portrait-Plastic Surgeory 01
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Shadows
Gyeong-Min Nam, 14yrs   The street of my twilight zone 1
Christine Yeju Lee, 14yrs   Elvis Mona Lisa
Jeong-Taek Oh, 14yrs   Shots of our Nature
Ji-Min Kim, 14yrs   Distruction
Mi-Ri Kang, 18yrs   Self Portrait
So-Eun Kim, 14yrs   Portrait-Plastic Surgeory
Ye-Ji Sohn, 15yrs   Old Man\'s Smile
Do-Hoon Lee, 11yrs   the light of flower
Do-Hyun Park, 14yrs   Dream
Hyo-Joo Kim, 14yrs   Fallen Angel
Dong-Ju Sung, 6yrs   Run for Life
Eui-Jin Choi, 9yrs   Tales of Lonely Dragon
Gyeong-Bo Shim, 14yrs   Question
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Composition 1
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Composition 2
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Shadow and turtle
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Shadows of time
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Shadows of time 02
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Shadows of time 03
Gyeong-Jun Lee, 18yrs   Surrealism
Gyeong-Min Nam, 13yrs   Blue Pirana
Gyeong-Min Nam, 13yrs   Elecric Human Organs
Gyu-Won Han, 11yrs   Future Factory
Hee Suh, 10yrs   Future Factory
Seo-Jun Yoon, 9yrs   Future Factory
Hee Suh, 9yrs   King Tut
Seung-Chan Lee, 9yrs   King Tut
Hyeon-Min Yang, 9yrs   KIng Tut and mummies
Hee Suh, 9yrs   Okapi
Hye-Won Lee, 6yrs   Lion King
Je-Sung Yoon, 11yrs   My story
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 18yrs   Money
Hyo-Joo Kim, 14yrs   Composition of Birth in Nature
Christine Yeju Lee, 14yrs   Blue Composition
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 19yrs   City Scape 1+2
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 18yrs   Landscape 2+3
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 19yrs   Landscape1
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 19yrs   Landscape01-a
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 19yrs   Cityscape
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 19yrs   Landscape2
Jeong-Taek Oh, 15yrs   My Home Town
Ji-In Kim, 7yrs   Fairy
Ji-Woo Soh, 9yrs   Hello
Hyeon-Woo Yoo, 9yrs   Great Civilization
Jini Park, 13yrs   Knock Knock
Yoon-Sik Jung, 11yrs   Space and Time
Yoon-Sik Jung, 11yrs   Movements and motions
Chae-Eun Lee, 8yrs   Composition
Chae-Eun Lee, 8yrs   mystic flower
Chae-Eun Lee, 8yrs   Selfie
Dae-Young K, 8yrs   Future Factory
Da-In Lee, 7yrs   Compositional melody
Da-In Lee, 7yrs   Lonely Bird
Do-Hoon Lee, 10yrs   Future Factory
Gun-Hee Lee, 99yrs   composition of organic and geometric
Gyeong-Jun Min, 8yrs   Attack of Tangerine
Hyeon-Woo Yoo, 8yrs   Astronauts in Apple Planet
In-Bin Park, 8yrs   Cafetria
Jae-Hoon Lee, 7yrs   Future Factory
Jeong-In Shin, 9yrs   Magic Portion
Jeong-Taek Oh, 14yrs   Anger and Loneliness
Je-Sung Yoon, 10yrs   Composition and patterns
Ji-Eun Park, 8yrs   Emotional Composition
Ji-Hoon Hwang, 10yrs   Composition
Jung-An Choi, 14yrs   Red Composition
Nuri Kim, 14yrs   Layers of my memories
Sarah Chae-eun Yoon, 14yrs   Ice Berg
Soo-Kang Park, 15yrs   Path
So-Yeon Lee, 13yrs   Dynamic Movement
So-Yeon Lee, 13yrs   Layers of emotion
So-Yeon Lee, 13yrs   Rythm and melodies
Yun-Ha Seo, 7yrs   Selfie
So-Yeon Lee, 13yrs   Rythm and melodies 2
Yoo-Jung Choi, 12yrs   Animal-Howling 1
Yoo-Jung Choi, 12yrs   Animal-Howling 5
Yoo-Jung Choi, 12yrs   Animal: Care
Yoo-Jung Choi, 12yrs   Money
Yoo-Jung Choi, 12yrs   Geometry
Yoon-Sik Jung, 11yrs   Composition
Yun-Ha Seo, 6yrs   Composition
So-Eun Kim, 14yrs   Composition
Sarah Chae-eun Yoon, 14yrs   Self Portrait
Ji-Yoon Lee, 8yrs   Composition of Miro
Ji-Woo Soh, 8yrs   a Form of life
Ji-Who Byun, 8yrs   Composition 5
Ji-Who Byun, 8yrs   Selfie
Su-Hyeon Jung, 7yrs   Happy Selfie
Madison Seung-Ju Woo, 14yrs   Composition of masters
Victoria Ji-Soo Han, 14yrs   Selfie
Victoria Ji-Soo Han, 14yrs   Portrait of my teacher
You-Bin Jung, 6yrs   Tears in sadness
Ye-Ji Sohn, 14yrs   Portrait of an old man
Jini Park, 14yrs   Michael Jackson Rebirth
Ji-Min Kim, 13yrs   Constructon of beauty treament in Seoul
Ji-Min Kim, 13yrs   Portraits: Our feeling
Jini Park, 14yrs   Hot Vogue
Mi-Ri Kang, 18yrs   A Sad Nude
Nuri Kim, 14yrs   A girl
So-Eun Kim, 14yrs    Three feelings
Victoria Ji-Soo Han, 14yrs   Selfie-Eye Withness
Won-Ju Lee, 14yrs   Oh! What is that?
Ye-Ji Sohn, 14yrs   Contrast and Comparison
Won-Ju Lee, 14yrs   Greedy
Mi-Ri Kang, 18yrs   Hello Apple?
Kenneth Hyun-Kyu Shin, 16yrs   Convicts
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 18yrs   Hand-Connected
Hyeon-Wook Cho, 18yrs   Hands
Jeong-Taek Oh, 14yrs   Bad memories-Elevator Express
Jeong-Taek Oh, 15yrs   Bad memories-Elevator Express
Jung-An Choi, 16yrs   Human Space
Jung-An Choi, 15yrs   Human Space
So-Yeon Lee, 13yrs   The Statue of Love in Nature
Yeon-Soo Choi, 12yrs   Tree of Life
Jeong-Hyeon Choi, 15yrs   Flow
Nuri Kim, 15yrs   Joint forms of Love: Man and Woman
You-Bin Cho, 15yrs   Dots
Jeong-Taek Oh, 14yrs   Elevator
Ji-Hoon Hwang, 11yrs   Cosmo
Ji-Min, 14yrs   What will you choose
Jeong-Taek Oh, 15 yrs  
Nuri Kim, 14yrs   Oh what?
Mi-Ri Kang, 18yrs   Our Story
Christine Yeju Lee, 14yrs   4 seasons
Hye-Won Lee, 6yrs   Best Friends
Dae-Young Kim, 8yrs   Shadow in rainy day
Do-Hoon Lee, 11yrs   Cosmo
Eui-Jin Choi, 8yrs   Future Factory
Hyo-Joo Kim, 14yrs   My Great Grand Ma
Je-Sung Yoon, 11yrs   Strange Frame
Ji-Eun Park, 8yrs  
Ji-Hoon Hwang, 11yrs   Sunset
Ji-Woo Soh, 8yrs   Shadows
Madison Seung-Ju Woo, 14yrs   a Road
Yoon-Sik Jung, 11yrs   Music and memories
Jeong-Taek Oh, 15yrs   Uncle Andy, Aunt Soco and me
Yeon-Geon Park, 14yrs   Impression
Yeon-Geon Park, 14yrs   Rainy Day
Sung-Ah Min, 11yrs   a flower
Je-Sung Yoon, 11yrs   My Dad the Master Chef
Mi-Ri Kang, 18yrs   The Relations
Ji-Youn Kim, 19yrs   Dream-Floating
Hae-Song Lee, 6yrs   Miss Kitty and Mr. Rabbit