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Loyola High School Jesuit Preparartory

Los Angeles / United States

Loyola High School Jesuit Preparartory College Preparatory boy's school in Los Angeles, California.

Pupils' Art Works

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Devin Moren, 17yrs   Sides of Life
Devin Moren, 17yrs   Bixby
Devin Moren, 17yrs   Layers
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   The Girl in Blue
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   Terminal D2
Sam Marguleas, 16yrs   Sand and Sky
Sam Marguleas, 16yrs   Street Trance
Sam Marguleas, 16yrs   Wildebeest
Hunter Carroll, 17yrs   Last Light Silhouette
Jaime Gonzalez, 17yrs   MUSE
Hunter Carroll, 17yrs   Double Reflection
Hunter Carroll, 17yrs   Somber Swell
Hunter Carroll, 17yrs   Modern Cave Painting
Jaime Gonzalez, 17yrs   Lara
Jaime Gonzalez, 17yrs   Dolls
Hunter Carroll, 17yrs   Morning Offshores
Hunter Carroll, 17yrs   Metallic Ocean
Blake Beers, 17yrs   Strong boy? Yes
Blake Beers, 17yrs   Rings
Blake Beers, 17yrs   Waves
Blake Beers, 17yrs   Muscle Beach
Sam Marguleas, 16yrs   Strangers
Brady Clark , 17yrs   Flying High
Sam Marguleas, 16yrs   All the Way Up
Brady Clark , 17yrs   Moving Along
Brady Clark , 17yrs   Larger than Life
Brady Clark , 17yrs   An Artist\'s Dream
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   The Weaver
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   No Stopping Any Time
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   Ashanti
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   Kouros
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   Still Life
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   Diva
Duvit Kakunegoda, 16yrs   Route 243
Sean O'Malley, 16yrs   The Sleeping Shadow
Sean O'Malley, 16yrs   Shadows of the Dreamer
Sean O'Malley, 16yrs   The Stream of the Soaring
Sean O'Malley, 16yrs   The Absent Woman
Sean O'Malley, 16yrs   Shadow Skater
Sean O'Malley, 16yrs   The Truth of the Illusion
Spencer Song, 16yrs   Maple and 6th
Spencer Song, 16yrs   3rd and Wall
Spencer Song, 16yrs   7th and Towne
Spencer Song, 16yrs   Boyd and Wall
Ryan Parks, 17 yrs   Rocky Shore
Ryan Parks, 17yrs   Through the Trees
Ryan Parks, 17yrs   Dark Vibes
Michael Kelly, 17yrs   Steel Sails
Michael Kelly, 17yrs   The 118 West
Michael Kelly, 17yrs  
Ryan Parks, 17yrs   Little Girl
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Classic Lines
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   New Mexico Night Sky
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Greatness
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Wrinkles in Space
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Clouds over Timberline
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Juxtaposition: Brush and Bottle
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Marooned
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Into the Unknown
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   New York City Distortion
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   From Within
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Sunlight Tattoos
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Subtle Vibrations
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Lone Diver
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Double Exposure: Swimmer and Fabric
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Isolation
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Roll for Ever
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Tactile Voyage
Sam Marguleas, 16yrs   Head in the Clouds
Sam Marguleas, 16yrs   Hesitant
Christian Weed, 17yrs  
Max Goldman, 17yrs  
Christian Weed, 17yrs  
Max Goldman, 17yrs  
Max Goldman, 17yrs  
Max Goldman, 17yrs  
Max Goldman, 17yrs  
Max Goldman, 17yrs  
Max Goldman, 17yrs  
Max Goldman, 17yrs  
Christian Weed, 17yrs  
Christian Weed, 17yrs  
Christian Weed, 17yrs  
Christian Weed, 17yrs  
Tim Guiteras, 16yrs   Down to Earth