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Sir William Ramsay

Hazlemere / United Kingdom

Sir William Ramsay Sir William Ramsay School is a co-educational academy with visual arts status located in High Wycombe Bucks.

Pupils' Art Works

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Grace Hodgson , 17 yrsyrs   talk to me
Grace hodgson, 17 yrsyrs   Talk to me 2
Grace Hodgson, 17yrsyrs   talk to me 3
Grace Hodgson, 17yrsyrs   Language
Grace Hodgson, 17yrsyrs   thought
Grace Hodgson, 17yrsyrs   uniformity
Grace Hodgson, 17yrsyrs   uniformity 2
Grace Hodgson, 17yrsyrs   uniformity 3
Sophie jarrett, 17yrsyrs   Hive
Sophie Jarrett, 17 yrsyrs   pixelate
Paige Legge, 17 yrsyrs   rachel
Lucy Hobbs, 17yrsyrs   Sphere
Lucy Hobbs, 17yrsyrs   spheres
Paige legge, 17yrsyrs   landscape
Jemma Cuthbert, 17yrsyrs   sadness
Nicky Hewlett, 17yrsyrs   alone
Paige Legge, 17yrsyrs   Grace
Paige Legge, 17yrsyrs   creeper
Leanne Mepham, 17yrsyrs   transparent
Paige Legge, 17yrsyrs   Grace 2
Matthew Devine, 16yrsyrs   searching
Paige Legge, 17 yrs yrs   Grace 3
Grace Hodgson, 17yrsyrs   talk to me 4
Grace Hodgson, 17 yrsyrs   uniformity
Kay Eldridge, 17yrsyrs   fading away
Matthew Devine, 16yrsyrs   i spy
Lucy Hobbs, 17yrsyrs   escape
Lucy hobbs, 17yrsyrs   escape 2
Paige Legge, 17 yrsyrs   rush hour
Paige Legge, 17yrsyrs   last bell
Paige legge, 17yrsyrs   star
Paige Legge, 17yrsyrs   you make me so cross
Paige Legge, 17yrsyrs   harlequin
Paige Legge, 17yrs yrs   harlequin 2
Paige Legge, 17yrsyrs   the real thing
Paige Legge, 17yrsyrs   the real thing 2
Sophie Clarke, 15yrs   Eagle
Winter Drake, 17yrs   Shadows
Winter Drake, 17yrs   Shadows 1
Winter Drake, 17yrs   Shadows 2
Winter Drake, 17yrs   Shadows 3
Tia Sheridan , 17yrs   Overgrown
Sophie Clarke, 15yrs   Feathers
Sophie Clarke, 15yrs   Squaw
Sophie Clarke, 15yrs   Mushrooms
Savanna Baker, 17yrs   Movement
Savanna Baker, 17yrs   Movement 1
Savanna Baker, 17yrs   Movement 2
Savanna Baker, 17yrs   Movement 3
Savanna Baker, 17yrs   Movement 4
Savanna Baker, 17 yrs   Frustration
Ronice Appleby, 17yrs   Boy blowing candles out on cake
Pippa Papworth, 16 yrs   Depth
Pippa Papworth, 16yrs   Depth 2
Pippa Papworth , 16yrs   Depth 3
Nicola Charie, 14yrs   Boat
Nicola Charie, 14yrs   Flowers
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Girl in Woods
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Explosives
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Zebra
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Zebra 1
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Orbit
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Bunker Buster
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Dog
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Suburbia
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Woods
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Wolf
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Kestrel
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Owl
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Duck
Nicky Hewlett, 16yrs   Torn Apart
Megan Wallace , 17yrs   Paint on Hand
Megan Wallace, 17yrs   Skeleton on Body
Megan Wallace, 17yrs   Hands
Megan Wallace , 17yrs   Faces
Megan Wallace, 17yrs   Wrap around face
Megan Wallace, 17yrs   Wrap around face 1
Matt Devine, 17yrs   Hooded Figure
Matt Devine, 17yrs   Series of Three
Matt Devine, 17yrs   Building
Matt Devine , 17yrs   Girl Walking
Matt Devine, 17yrs   Couple
Matt Devine, 17yrs   Pollution
Matt Devine , 17yrs   Out of Control
Lydia Manly-Leach, 16yrs   Trees
Lydia Manly-Leach, 16yrs   Blurred Town
Lydia Manly-Leach, 16yrs   Iridescence
Lydia Manly-Leach , 16yrs   Touched
Lydia Manly-Leach , 16yrs   Lost Soul
Lydia Manly-Leach , 16yrs   Lost Soul 1
rachel burnell, 17 yrsyrs   good old days
lucy hobbs, 17 yrsyrs   pollution
lydia manly leach, 16yrsyrs   into the woods
Kurm, 15 yearsyrs   me and my
Kurm, 15yrsyrs   me and my 2
kieran smith, 17 yrsyrs   growth
kieran smith, 17 yrsyrs   fast lane
lydia manly leach, 17 yrsyrs   standing room only
lydia manly leach, 17 yrsyrs   coffee break
lydia manly leach, 17 yrsyrs   spring
lydia manly leach, 17 yrsyrs   beach
lydia manly leach, 17 yrsyrs   reach
harrison kew, 14yrs   trees
harrison kew, 14yrs   insight
Hannah, 15yrsyrs   sheepdog
leanne mepham, 17 yrsyrs   tell