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The Leys School

Cambridge / United Kingdom

The Leys School The Leys is a co-educational boarding and day school in Cambridge for 11-18 year olds.

Pupils' Art Works

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Leah Cadogan, 18yrs   Bloodshot
Anna Ewbank , 17yrs   Vertical Rhythms
Georgia Adamson , 17yrs   Descent
Robert Yu, 17yrs   Homeless
Emma Harris, 16yrs   Object of Desire
Luce Ashmore, 17yrs   To and From
Tatijana Allpress, 17yrs   Reliquary
Leah Cadogan, 18yrs   Digest
Vicky Backhurst, 18yrs   bois tete de cheval
Ellie Bagley, 18yrs   Embodiment
Serena Banfield , 18yrs   Fragments