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Ratcliffe College

Leicester / United Kingdom

Ratcliffe College Ratcliffe College is an HMC, co-educational Catholic independent school based in Leicestershire that welcomes all from the ages of 3-18 (boarding from the age of 9) under the trusteeship of the Institute of Charity.

Pupils' Art Works

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Charlie Scanlon, 15yrs   Butcher Shop
Bethan Lawrence, 17yrs   Lips
Sophie Riley, 17yrs   Anatomical Morris Heart
George McCague, 13yrs   Robot Scorpion
Nicole McBallantine, 14yrs   Insect studies
Jody Goodfellow, 16yrs   Ice and Ink
India Mitchell-Jarvis, 16yrs   Avocado
James Richardson, 18yrs   Plastic Flowers
Charlie Whitmore, 16yrs   Easy Rider
India Mitchell-Jarvis, 17yrs   Portrait on canvas strip
Amritha Nayar, 15 yrs   Arizona Plate