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Nps International School

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NPS International School NPS International School has been established to cater to the burgeoning international demand for high quality education in the context of a rapidly globalising educational scenario.

NPS International School is promoted by the renowned, Bangalore based group of institutions that includes the five National Public Schools (NPS), located at Bangalore and Chennai, India, National Academy for Learning (NAFL), Bangalore, India and The International School Bangalore (TISB), India; all schools of excellence with an established reputation for upholding the highest quality standards in education. The International School Bangalore (TISB) is India's pioneer IB school with an established tradition for grooming high achievers in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, and the NPS group of schools has achieved striking results in the CBSE academic programmes. The NPS group is spearheaded by the visionary educationist, Dr. K. P. Gopalkrishna, Founder Chairman.

Our Associate Schools

National Public School, Rajajinagar (1959)
National Public School, Chennai (1973)
National Public School, Indiranagar (1982)
NAFL (1990)
The International School Bangalore (2000)
National Public School, Koramanagala (2003)
National Public School, HSR (2008)
NPS International School, Mysore (2013)
NPS International School, Chennai (2014)

Further Details: http://www.npsinternational.com.sg/

Pupils' Art Works

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Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   Overpowering?
Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   Contrast
Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   Levels of Economy
Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   \'Re\' presentational art
Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   Cyclic belief
Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   Perspective Seasons
Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   Fantasy meets reality
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Metamorphosis
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Self Portrait
Ankitha Krishnamoorthy, 17yrs   Lets just leave them in the corner
Ankitha Krishnamoorthy, 17yrs   It’s just a dream
Ankitha Krishnamoorthy, 17yrs   #selfie
Ankitha Krishnamoorthy, 17yrs   Words make my identity?
Ankitha Krishnamoorthy, 17yrs   Do not disturb
Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   Victims
Sonali Venkateswaran, 17yrs   Cyclic belief
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Metamorphosis
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Independance
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Untitled
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Design Communication 1
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Design Communication 2
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Unititled
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Interior
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   Journey of discovery
Lakhi Soni, 16yrs   CAT
Tanvi Yardi, 16yrs   The eye of harmony
Tanvi Yardi, 16yrs   Innocence
Aditi Putcha , 14yrs   Still life
Aditi Putcha , 14yrs   Landscape
Aditi Saxena , 14yrs   Landscape
Aditi Saxena , 14yrs   Harmony of fusion
Aditi Saxena , 14yrs   Still life
Nirmaleshwar , 15yrs   Fashion Design
Mallika Mankad , 15yrs   Lily pond
Mallika Mankad , 15yrs   Lady with mirror
Mallika Mankad, 15yrs   MODA
Natasha Magendar, 16yrs   Vastness
Tanvi Yardi, 16yrs   Landscape
Tanvi Yardi, 16yrs   Lion
Srashti Khandelwal , 15yrs   Fashion Design
Srashti Khandelwal , 15yrs   Unique - U