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Riverside Primary School

Glasgow / United Kingdom

Riverside Primary School Riverside Primary School is based in Govan, Glasgow. Our school strives to provide high quality learning experiences within a nurturing environment for all of our pupils many of whom are affected by significant life challenges. Our school community is increasingly diverse in its makeup. The art work entered for this competition has been done by pupils who have committed to our After school Art Club.

Pupils' Art Works

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Jodie Campbell, 11yrs   A2   Skull
Jodie Campbell, 11yrs   A2    Banana
Jodie Campbell, 11yrs   A2    Trout
Oluwasikemi Odusanya, 10yrs   A2   Yellow Pepper
Rosie Campbell, 8yrs   A2   Green Pepper
Braden McIntyre, 9yrs   A2       Tangerine
Braden McIntyre, 9yrs   A2     Skull
Braden McIntyre, 9yrs   A2         Tangerine
Jamie McLaren, 8yrs   A2      Trout
Jamie McLaren, 8yrs   A2    Red Pepper
Zahra Murray, 8yrs   A2      Yellow Pepper
Kayla Logan, 9yrs   A2      Red Pepper
Neema Omar, 8yrs   A2  Yellow Pepper