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Carnforth High School

Carnforth / United Kingdom

Carnforth High School We are a small semi rural High school near the Lake District with around 700 pupils.

Pupils' Art Works

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Emily Davenport, 16yrs   Matthew
Emily Davenport, 16yrs   My Brother
Nichole Brown, 16yrs   Ready for the show
Nichole Brown, 16yrs   Competition Time
Joey Aldren, 16yrs   Lonely
Joey Aldren, 16yrs   Town Hall
Joey Aldren, 16yrs   The Library
Joey Aldren, 16yrs   Lost boy dreaming
Joey Aldren, 16yrs   Industrial
Anna Riach, 16yrs   Pepper
Ella Griffiths, 16yrs   Anxious
Ella Griffiths, 16yrs   Hope
Ella Griffiths, 16yrs   Happy Eyes!
Jenny Fletcher, 16yrs   Accusation
Jenny Fletcher, 16yrs   Ella
Jenny Fletcher, 16yrs   Contemplate
Jenny Fletcher, 16yrs   Masked
Kim Beukes, 16yrs   Dog
Luke Bailey, 16yrs   Going home
Elizabeth Handford, 16yrs   Ashleigh
Elizabeth Handford, 16yrs   Lonely
Nia Stephens, 16yrs   Nichole
Tom Morbey, 16yrs   Pressure
Tom Morbey, 16yrs   Closer
Stephanie Gregg, 16yrs   Jenny Funny Face
Johhny Ash, 16yrs   untitled