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Sylacauga High School

Sylacauga / United States

Sylacauga High School Sylacauga High School is situated in the heart of the city of Sylacauga. The high school was originally established on February 18, 1895, by the Alabama State Legislature as the District Agriculture School and Experiment Station for the 4th District in a converted threestory, four-room hotel across the street from the present location. The school accommodated both male and female boarders, and all the students wore uniforms. In 1920, the name was changed to the State Secondary Agriculture School, and it became well-known statewide for its academic and athletic endeavors. A new building was constructed in 1923 and the name was changed to its present name, Sylacauga High School when the school system was officially established. Additions to the original structure were added in 1942 and 1952. Until 1970, SHS served grades 8-12. That year the traditionally black East Highland High School merged with SHS and began serving grades 9-12. In 1974, major renovations were completed, which included the addition of a theater-style auditorium, a modern gymnasium, new science rooms and laboratories, and a media center. A new band room/ career-technical building was built on the campus in 1994. In 1997, the building was wired for Internet access with fiber-optic cable, which paved the way for the introduction of technology into curriculum. Five years later, the school was rejuvenated with new windows, floor coverings, updated heating and air conditioning systems in the oldest parts of the building, and a state-of-the-art computer lab was built. In 2004, the three career-technical computer labs were fully modernized. Plans are in the preliminary stages for another renovation that would add four to six classrooms.

Currently SHS has 644 students who utilize 47 classrooms, a computer lab, distance learning lab, two gymnasiums, a media center, band room, performing arts auditorium, guidance office, and a multi-purpose used for professional development.

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