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American International School- Chennai

Chennai / India

American International School- Chennai The American International School – Chennai (AISC) was established in 1995 through a bilateral agreement between the Governments of the United States of America and India. Our charge since our founding has been to strive to provide excellent instruction, programs, and facilities for children of American and international parents on expatriate assignments in Chennai. Our founding ideals are based on developing within our students a deep and meaningful awareness and understanding of culture and the diversity of cultures around the world; to embrace India, Tamil Nadu, and Chennai so that our students appreciate, know, and interact with the historical, social, and cultural context within which we all live here in historical Madras; and to serve as a demonstration center of U.S. educational methods and practices.

Pupils' Art Works

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Clare Yang, 18yrs   Deceived Riding Hood
Clare Yang, 18yrs   The Laborer in The Sun
Clare Yang, 18yrs   Egg Shell-ter
Clare Yang, 18yrs   \
Clare Yang, 18yrs   Curiosity and Perspectives
Clare Yang, 18yrs   The Caste
Clare Yang, 18yrs   Avoidance
Clare Yang, 18yrs   Obsessive Ducks
Clare Yang, 18yrs   Materialistic Ducks
Clare Yang, 18yrs   Three \
Clare Yang, 18yrs   The myth of emergence of extraordinary creatures under the sea
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Melting
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Mask
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Anthurium
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Fragility
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Self Portrait
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Tower of the Poor, Tower of the Wealth
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Under the light
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Broken
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Entrapped
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Stage of life
Seungyeon, 17yrs   Nightmare