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The Marlborough Science Academy

St Albans / United Kingdom

The Marlborough Science Academy We are a truly mixed comprehensive Academy in Hertfordshire and we excel in the county for our Art provision and results.

Pupils' Art Works

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Lara Pledger, 16yrs   Portrait
Olivia Scotter, 16yrs   My Grandad
Ellie Evershed, 16yrs   Portrait
Kate Mercer, 16yrs   Structures
Olivia Casali, 18yrs   Birds
Imogen Hurn, 18yrs   Cats and Dogs
Saba Khan, 18yrs   Self Portrait
Masie Mannering, 18yrs   Flaws and Perfections
Hope Blundell, 18yrs   Alone
Jessica Hearn, 18yrs   Trapped
Christina Watkins, 18yrs   Relationships
Ellie Garner, 18yrs   Poverty
Megan Braithwaite Long, 18yrs   Cheyanne
Amelia Stubbs, 18yrs   Dreaming