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Mingdao High School International Dept.

Taichung City / Taiwan

Mingdao High School International Dept. Mingdao High School, established in 1969, consists of middle school and high school. The high school has three departments - comprehensive, senior and international. Presently we have an erollment of approximately 7610 students and 499 professional teachers and staff members. As the largest and top ranked private high school in Taiwan, we prepare academically competent students who are poised, disciplined and expressive to thrive and succeed at their best match colleges or universities.

Pupils' Art Works

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CHANG, TSUNG-HSUN, LAN, YUNG-SIN, LI, CHI-AO, WU,LIN, TZU-YU PO-YU, CHOU, YEN-NING, , 16-17yrs   Overused Smartphones
TSAI,CHIA-HSUAN , 18yrs   Silent Corridor
TAI, WAN-YI, 17yrs   Chinese New Year
TAI, WAN-YI, 17yrs   Toys
ELENA PEI YUAN CHAO, 18yrs   Mother
Chiou, Yu-Chi, 17yrs   Rose
LAN, YUNG-SIN, 16yrs   Wonna Fly?
LIU, YUN-CHIEN, 17yrs   Peacock Dress
CHANG, CHIA-YUN, 16yrs   Purple Winter
TSAI,CHIA-HSUAN , 18yrs   Rainy Street