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Pearl Hyde Community Primary School

Coventry / United Kingdom

Pearl Hyde Community Primary School Pearl Hyde is a local authority maintained primary school. At 330 pupils, it is above average size. Our students are all KS1 and KS2 so cover the age range 5-11. We are located in Coventry, close to the hospital. 48% of our students speak English as a second language.

Pupils' Art Works

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James, 7yrs   Mesmerise
Riya, 8yrs   Seahorse
Riya, 8yrs   Clown Fish
Sadaf, 9yrs   Trees in the night time
Adcharon, 10yrs   Two faced
Karl, 9yrs   Wayne Rooney: Bicycle Kick
AJ, 10yrs   The tree of life with a Dove
Arun, 8yrs   Catch a tear
Jiya, 11yrs   Lion
Daya, 8yrs   Rainbow!
Sofia, 6yrs   Dreamy raindrops
Pearl Hyde Whole School, 5-11yrs   A pearl of creativity