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Hillbrook Primary School

London / United Kingdom

Hillbrook Primary School Hillbrook Primary School is a large, vibrant school in the heart of Tooting, South London. From diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, we are an expanding school community with over 500 pupils aged 3 - 11. Hillbrook places a strong emphasis on the arts, encouraging children to make the most of each opportunity, in order to gain the best from their education.

Children at Hillbrook love making art. In addition to weekly art clubs, Early Years, KS1 and KS2 children are engaged in weekly art lessons which have recently started taking place in a proper Art classroom. Children learn about a range of art materials and techniques. Drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking are explored, equipping children with the knowledge and skills to invent their own works of art.

Pupils' Art Works

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Jeh-Nai, 9yrs   Converse
Tymoteusz, 8yrs   Winter Tree
Felix, 10yrs   Still Life
Kitty, 7yrs   Hundertwasser Hillbrook
Weronika, 7yrs   London
Lancelot, 8yrs   London
Nevaeh, 8yrs   London
Mysha, 6yrs   Rose Park
Lateisha, 11yrs   The Forest at Dusk
Year 6 Art Club, 10 & 11yrs   This is Us
Year 2 Art Club, 6 & 7yrs   Henri\'s Scissors
Year Two, 6 & 7yrs   Paper Geometry
Jawwad, 8yrs   Racing Car
Alysha, 6yrs   Organic Shape