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Griffin Middle School

Smyrna / United States

Griffin Middle School Griffin's Vision Statement:
Griffin students will be able to successfully navigate
change in a world in which innovation and transformation
have become universally standard.

Griffin Middle School also has an Advanced VACOMP 8th grade class where the students create a portfolio and receive high school credit for the course.

Pupils' Art Works

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Hailey Byrde , Age 14yrs   Hannah
Hailey Byrde, Age 14yrs   Self-Portrait
Sophia Muse, Age 13yrs   Love
Sophia Muse, Age 13yrs  
Ulises Busquet-Aguiniga, Age 13yrs   Nature No.15
Yesenia Guzman, Age 14yrs  
Yesenia Guzman, Age 14yrs  
Chloe Campbell , Age 14yrs  
Elisa Borrero, Age 13yrs  
Isa Anders, Age 13yrs  
Chloe Campbell, Age 14yrs  
Grisell Castro, Age 14yrs  
Ailene Castro-Munoz, Age 14yrs  
Valentin Lopez, Age 14yrs  
Chloe Campbell, Age 14yrs   Mr. Podell