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Nottingham High School

Nottingham / United Kingdom

Nottingham High School Nottingham High School is an independent day school which currently offers education to boys from age 4-18. The school is comprised of infant, junior and senior schools and is moving to co-education in September 2015. It was founded in 1513 and is presently located at the edge of the city centre. The school has a strong academic reputation but prides itself in offering a breadth of co-curricular experiences.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ninan Thomas, 16yrs   Man
Toby Boon-Itt, 18yrs   Tree on red
Joel Dudley, 17yrs   Medusa
Ashar Burney, 16yrs   Self Portrait
Blake Tarleton-Handley, 16yrs   Hive
Ben Brown, 18yrs   Working Together
Luke Aungles, 13yrs   Dragon Red
Thomas Wakefield, 13yrs   Sunflower
Will Hustwayte, 13yrs   Under the sea
Sacheth Menon, 13yrs   Out of this World
Chris Carty, 17yrs   Old Man
Ashar Burney, 16yrs   Cats Eyes
Will Jude, 16yrs   Clockwork
Sean Kavanagh, 13yrs   Conker
Cameron Stumpf, 16yrs   Crystal Forms
Bilal Shiekh, 16yrs   Close Up
Patrick Ellis, 16yrs   Man and Machine
Joel Dudley, 17yrs   Enlightenment
Ben Brown, 18yrs   Amerian History
Jed Mellors, 16yrs   Sound Waves
Jay Mistry, 16yrs   Architectural Abstract
Jay Mistry, 16yrs   Hands
Jay Mistry, 16yrs   Nottingham Market Square
Jed Mellors, 16yrs   Iris
Josef Stoger, 16yrs   Relections
Josef Stoger, 16yrs   Artist\'s Mother
Sam Thomas, 16yrs   Jester
Josef Stoger, 16yrs   Trevor
Jyzu Manzano, 16yrs   Exam Work
Jyzu Manzano, 16yrs   Exam work 2
Jyzu Manzano, 16yrs   Insides
Brandon Lim, 15yrs   Lizard Eye
Ben Brown, 18yrs   Mark ANTony
Ninan Thomas, 16yrs   Waterhole
Christy Byrne, 14yrs   Owl
Jacques Lacehtta, 16yrs   The White Lady
Kane Teal, 16yrs   Inside
James Anderson, 14yrs   Futuristic Tank
Marcus Heath, 18yrs   Paper Lion
Jyzu Manzano, 16yrs   Wild Dog
Alex Podmore, 14yrs   Snowy Owl
Owais Abid, 14yrs   Owl
William Gray, 16yrs   Pliers
Robbie Pierce, 16yrs   Self portrait
William Gray, 16yrs   Rooster
Jed Mellors, 15yrs   Rugby Players
Sam Kirkby, 17yrs   Self Portrait
Sam Thomas, 16yrs   Portrait
James Stevenson, 16yrs   My dog
Toby Boon-Itt, 18yrs   Body Works
Toby Boon-Itt, 18yrs   Crocodile Tears
Thomas Yu, 16yrs   Tree
Alex Barlow, 16yrs   Trent Bridge
Will Jude, 16yrs   Natural Form
Josef Stoger, 16yrs   Rowers
Open Day, Mixedyrs   War