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Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio

Darwen / United Kingdom

Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio Supported by The Aldridge Foundation, and a member of the established and hugely successful Darwen Aldridge North West Education Trust, the Studio works with students and parents to ensure that everybody achieves their full potential – in GCSEs and A Levels; in professional learning; in work placements, and in gaining the skills and knowledge needed for the next stage of their lives, whether that is going to University or entering the world of work.

For students,what makes us different is not what is offered but how it is delivered. We are taking learning out of a traditional classroom setting, and teaching the curriculum through a range of projects which are based on real life situations, but will still teach students everything they need to be able to pass their exams. These projects are based in the school, with local employers, and in the local community.

For parents, our ‘whole student’ approach and our commitment to communicating with you and involving you in your child’s learning will mean that you feel confident in working with us.

At Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio, we believe that there are young people who will flourish when they are taught in small classes and treated like adults and when offered a personalised approach which identifies and supports their individual development needs.

We also know that employers want to recruit young people who are both highly skilled and ready for the real world of work. We support our students in gaining the skills and confidence that they will need for this.

We make careers not just pretty pictures.

Pupils' Art Works

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Chloe Bennison , 13yrs   In Bloom
Chloe Bennison , 13yrs   GM Mods
Owen Woods, 16yrs   Super Bug
Bethany Robinson, 14yrs   Autumn
Brandon Leather, 16yrs   Bacteria
Shannan Stott, 14yrs   Feast
Josh Thompson, 17yrs   Negative Impact
Courtney Hawley, 14yrs   Pink
Tash Norton, 16yrs   For Sale?
Abbey Almond, 16yrs   Memories
Cassius Meadows, 14yrs   Technology 1, 2, 3
Cassius Meadows, 14yrs   Technology 1,2,3
Cassius Meadows, 14yrs   Technology 1,2,3
Ana Diaconu, 14yrs   Urchin
Katey Crompton, 14yrs   You are what you eat
Katey Crompton, 14yrs   Zoo Morphia
Connor Townsend, 18yrs   Frustration
Connor Townsend, 18yrs   Puppet
Connor Townsend, 18yrs   Isolation
Melissa Lambert, 17yrs   Identity?
Melissa Lambert, 17yrs   Lost Youth
Melissa Lambert, 17yrs   Traces of a body
Connor Quayle, 13yrs   Crane Flight
Casey Ribchester, 18yrs   Embrace
Becky Poore, 17yrs   Distorted
Siobhan Carter, 18yrs   Frustrated
Cameron Wright, 14yrs   Vibrations
Emma Langton, 16yrs   Popular Culture
Emma Langton, 16yrs   Undefined
Emma Langton, 16yrs   Ultimate Fear
Emma Langton, 16yrs   Rule the world
Emma Langton, 16yrs   Synthetic
Izaak Spencer, 14yrs   Flower Bloom
Jack Barnes, 16yrs   Revealing Patterns
Jake Brennan, 14yrs   Nebulus
Jake Brennan , 14yrs   Waterfall
Jake Brennan , 14yrs   Psychedelic
Jake Brennan , 14yrs   Madrid
Kane Hopwood , 15yrs   Duplication
Kane Hopwood, 15yrs   Never Ending River
Orrin Whitehead, 13yrs   Dr Who
Jack Barnes, 15yrs   Patterned spots
Ryan Eccles , 15yrs   Distorted Town
Ryan Eccles , 15yrs   Distorted Vision
Ryan Eccles , 15yrs   Falling Light
Gianluca Turano, 15yrs   SunBurst
Chelsea Slater, 15yrs   Nature\'s Puzzle
Chelsea Slater, 15yrs   Sinnister Saint
Chelsea Slater, 15yrs   Spiral of Imagination
Leon Maxwell, 16yrs   Technology Takes Over
Saffron Riley, 14yrs   Contest
Orrin Whitehead St.Pierre, 13yrs   Memories
Jayden Worden, 15yrs   Explosion
James Allen, 15yrs   Waves
Shannon Adams, 17yrs   Voodoo sage
Shannon Adams, 17yrs   Voodoo Clan
Tiana Taylor, 17yrs   Scientific Catalogue
Adam Seddon, 14yrs   Laser figure
Callum Mead, 14yrs   Vortex Portraits
Shannon Montague, 14yrs   Flock
Shannon Adams, 17yrs   Imagination
Connor White, 14yrs   Splatter
Emma Langton, 17yrs   Pop Culture
Katie Edwards, 17yrs   Conspiracy 1
Katie Edwards, 17yrs   Conspiracy 2
Katie Edwards, 17yrs   Conspiracy 3
Katie Edwards, 17yrs   Conspiracy 4