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Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio

Darwen / United Kingdom

Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio Supported by The Aldridge Foundation, and a member of the established and hugely successful Darwen Academy Trust, the Studio will work with students and parents to ensure that everybody achieves their full potential – in GCSEs and A Levels; in professional learning; in work placements, and in gaining the skills and knowledge needed for the next stage of their lives, whether that is going to University or entering the world of work.

For students,what makes us different is not what is offered but how it is delivered. We are taking learning out of a traditional classroom setting, and teaching the curriculum through a range of projects which are based on real life situations, but will still teach you everything you need to be able to pass your exams. These projects will be based in the school, with local employers, and in the local community.

For parents, our ‘whole student’ approach and our commitment to communicating with you and involving you in your child’s learning will mean that you will feel confident in working with us.

At Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio, we believe that there are young people who will flourish when they are taught in small classes and treated like adults and when offered a personalised approach which identifies and supports their individual development needs.

We also know that employers want to recruit young people who are both highly skilled and ready for the real world of work.,We will support our students in gaining the skills and confidence that they will need for this.

We make careers not just pretty pictures.

Pupils' Art Works

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