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Enka Schools

Istanbul / Turkey

ENKA SCHOOLS ENKA Schools has established itself as a leading private school in Istanbul. More than 1250 students, from pre-school through grade twelve, commute daily from both the Asian and European sides of the Bosphorus to Enka schools. In 2005 the school was authorised to offer both the Primary Years (PYP) and the Diploma (DP) programmes of the International Baccalaureate.

Pupils' Art Works

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Selin Gen├ž, 17yrs   Uterus
Selin Gen├ž, 17yrs   Sclera
Selin Gen├ž, 17yrs   Buffalo Gal
Emre ├ľzakat, 17yrs   Untitled
Defne Cengi├ž, 16yrs   Two of a Kind
Mercan Sand─▒k├ž─▒o─člu, 17yrs  
AL─░ ONUR ├ľZKAN, 11yrs   Circle of life
Mercan Sand─▒k├ž─▒o─člu, 17yrs   Jelly
Mercan Sand─▒k├ž─▒o─člu, 17yrs   The Man
Zeynep Saka, 18yrs   Kaleidescope
Zeynep Saka , 18yrs   Roller Coaster
Zeynep Saka , 18yrs   Prismatic World Tour Dress
SELEN KAZM─░RC─░, 12yrs   The World of My  Dream
Doga Gunver, 16yrs   Old Man
Doga Gunver, 16yrs   \
Doga Gunver, 16yrs   Hope
Yaz Kocacıklıoğlu, 12yrs   From Dreams to Reality
Dafne Karkalem, 12yrs   The end of Ignorance & Racism
Asl─▒ ├ľzer, 15yrs   Poppy Season
Kiraz M─▒s─▒rl─▒o─člu, 15yrs   Chaos
Joyce Ma├žoro, 17yrs   Untitled
Sina Barlas, 17yrs   Oblivion