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Newton Abbot College

Newton Abbot / United Kingdom

Newton Abbot College Newton Abbot College is a successful 11-19 secondary school situated in the heart of Newton Abbot in an ideal location between Dartmoor and the South Devon coast. At Newton Abbot College we ensure that we maximise life chances for our students, challenging everyone to imagine what’s possible.

Pupils' Art Works

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Beth Milward, 18yrs   Transitive Process
Beth Milward, 18yrs   Time
Maddie Rowley, 18yrs   Tea time
Maddie Rowley, 18yrs   Self-portrait
Annie Haines, 18yrs   Move
Annie Haines, 18yrs   Jump For Joy
Claire Gill, 18yrs   Hold Back
Claire Gill, 18yrs   I Am Who I Am
David Horsler, 18yrs   Gareth
Oliver Potter , 17yrs   Rush hour Prague
Oliver Potter, 17yrs   New York
Emma Zimmerman, 17yrs   Feels Like I\'m Drowning...
Emma Zimmerman, 17yrs   Who Am I?
Jasmine Strudwick, 18yrs   My Grandpa
Chloe Brooking, 16yrs   Disguise
Leila Drew, 16yrs   Life and Death
Leila Drew, 16yrs   Identity
Amber Mold, 16yrs   Identity
Amber Mold, 16yrs   Journey
Libby Collins, 16yrs   Food Chain
Hannah Bowden, 16yrs   Dad
Addy Howarth, 18yrs   Bottle
Addy Howarth, 18yrs   Reflections
Amelia Gait, 18yrs   Stroll in Prague
Amelia Gait, 18yrs   Inside Outside
Annie Haines, 18yrs   Prague Castle
Annie Haines, 18yrs   secret
Beth Dubben, 18yrs   Frozen In Time
Beth Dubben, 18yrs   Lost In Time
Beth Milward, 18yrs   Lunchtime
Beth Milward, 18yrs   My Brother
Dan Rock, 18yrs   Silent Landscape
Eden Wills, 18yrs   Sitting Pretty
Eden Wills, 18yrs   In My Dreams
Eden Wills, 18yrs   Washing Away
Ellie Aggett, 17yrs   Blue Beaded Leaf
Jasmine Strudwick, 18yrs   Ice Cream
Jodie Grove, 18yrs   Temptation
Ollie Endicott, 18yrs   Reflections 1
Ollie Endicott, 18yrs   Reflections 2
Ollie Endicott, 18yrs   Give Me A Break!