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Carshalton High School For Girls

Sutton / United Kingdom

Carshalton High School for Girls Carshalton High School for Girls is a larger than average non-selective school. The students are from a wide catchment area and there is a high proportion from minority ethnic groups.

Pupils' Art Works

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Amy Chan , 16yrs  
Lily West , 17yrs  
Chloe Bushby, 18yrs  
Becky Ciano, 16yrs  
Charlotte Hearn, 18yrs  
Daisy Kikidis, 17yrs  
Daisy Kikidis, 17yrs  
Duaa Haider, 17yrs  
Joanna Brown, 17yrs  
Joanna Brown, 17yrs  
Samantha Branch, 17yrs  
Lilly West, 17yrs  
Neriah Mooneegan, 16yrs  
Shinya Ali, 17yrs  
Shinya Ali, 17yrs  
Ella Bell, 16yrs  
Anda Nazare, 15yrs  
Chloe Beale, 15yrs  
Gabriele Veprauskaite , 15yrs  
Jade Walker, 15yrs  
Karlene Smith, 15yrs  
Livia Kesteven, 15yrs  
Olivia Rumsey, 15yrs  
Yashna Gundawry, 15yrs  
Sheena Guiquing, 15yrs  
Chelsea Chimanyi , 16yrs  
Lucie , 15yrs