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Wellingborough School

Wellingborough / United Kingdom

Wellingborough School Independent Senior School 13-18

Pupils' Art Works

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Kerry Miller, 18yrs   \'Molly\'
Miranda May, 18yrs   Nick
Sam Brooke, 17yrs   Great Balls of fire!
Sam Brooke, 17yrs   Ring of Fire
Beth Pizzey, 17yrs   Surface
Carly Cockerill, 17yrs   Into the Woods
Anna Marie Johnson Thomas, 17yrs   Frozen
Elise Porter, 17yrs   Faces
Elise Porter, 17yrs   Beans
Hannah Cunningham, 17yrs   Dress
Miranda May, 17yrs   Boots
Miranda May, 17yrs   Portrait
Molly Allinson, 18yrs   The Last Supper
Rebeca Thomas, 17yrs   The V&A
Hugh Baxter, 16yrs   How the times have changed
Emily Abbott, 16yrs   Grandad
Hattie McCulley, 16yrs   See, hear, speak no evil
Miranda May, 18yrs   Robert
Phoebe Beckett, 18yrs   Two Faced
Kerry Miller, 18yrs   Embroidered Portrait
Kerry Miller, 18yrs   Callum
Kerry Miller, 18yrs   Portrait
Kerry Miller, 18yrs   Eye
Katy White, 17yrs   After Arman
Yasmin Dhaliwal, 18yrs   Abstraction
Estelle Carrington, 18yrs   Blowing in the Wind
Alarna Sparrey, 18yrs   Equus
Rosie Burt, 18yrs   Ellie
Isaac Chapman, 16yrs   When I\'m driving in my car
Sichi Xie, 16yrs   Apocalypse
Imogen Arrowsmith, 16yrs   Hiding from Narnia
Hattie McCulley, 16yrs   Portrait of my Mother (After Chuck)
Rosie Burt, 18yrs   Oscar
Rosie Burt, 18yrs   Ellie
Rosie Burt, 18yrs   Headmaster
Rebeca Thomas, 18yrs   Anna