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Christian Fellowship School

Liverpool / United Kingdom

Christian Fellowship School A non-denominational, multi-ethnic Christian school; welcoming boys and girls of ages 4-16
small family-school organised into Lower (ages 4-8), Middle (ages 8-13) and Upper (ages 13-16) schools; prioritising pastoral care

Pupils' Art Works

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Nathan Paige Jones, 12yrs   Self portrait
Abel Abraham, James O'Conner, Sam Birch, 11,10,11yrs   Leopard
Angela John, Adam Oliver, Eva Maropakis, 11,10 11yrs   Blue Tiger
Ruby Lloyd, Amy Leadson, Natalie Chipfupi, 11,10,11yrs   Tropical bird
Emma Lewis, Rebecca Harris, Zoe Uddin, 10,10,11yrs   Green zebra