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Parkstone Grammar School

Poole / United Kingdom

Parkstone Grammar School A heavily oversubscribed 11-18 selective girls’ school offering outstanding education to the girls of Poole and its surrounding area.

Pupils' Art Works

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Alice Miller, 21/04/1999yrs  
Ella Godden, 05/03/1998yrs  
Emily Richards, 09/08/2000yrs   sweets sweets sweets
Erin Batten, 07/03/1999yrs  
George Bowering, 15/03/2000yrs  
Hannah Facey, 20/10/1997yrs   Brother
Hermione Quaddy, 23/09/1999yrs   Marbles!
Jennifer Jackson, 31/01/2000yrs  
Tia Burns, 20/12/1999yrs   Still Life
Summer Derbyshire, 15/04/2000yrs   Still Life
Sophie Moore, 05/11/1999yrs   Still Life
Sophia Kwong, 03/11/1997yrs   Church Print#4
Serin Saravanan, 28/08/1999yrs   Textures
Ruth Pickering, 14/06/1998yrs   Textures
Rosie Armitage, 29/02/2000yrs   Condiments
Megan Hocking, 12/09/1999yrs   Deconstructed Still Life
Martha Cooke, 01/02/2000yrs  
Lizzie Burt, 17/06/2000yrs   Still Life with Teddy Bear
Lara Frost, 25/07/2000yrs  
Katie Cray, 04/01/1999yrs   Still Life with Guitar
Katie Child, 30/11/1999yrs   Still Life with Perfume