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International School Of Creative Arts

Buckinghamshire / United Kingdom

International School of Creative Arts The International School of Creative Arts (ISCA) is an independent school for study in Art and Design for students aged 16-18+yrs. It specializes in teaching A-Levels in Art related subjects and supports students preparing portfolios for application to Art school.

Pupils' Art Works

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Georgie Butz, 17yrs   Gender Submission
Chen Cheng, 17yrs   Looking Through
Chaen E, 17yrs   Nightmare
Katerina Lin, 17yrs   Under Her Beautiful Skin
Looi Ai Wei Chloe, 17yrs   Evolution
Ola Pourtau Cazalet, 18yrs   Monochrome Figures
Ekaterina Puzanova, 17yrs   Untitled
Ratchanon Songthammakul , 18yrs   Cranium Candy
HY , 17yrs   Oyster
Di Tan, 18yrs   Silence and Sentiment
Chloe Anne Yates, 17yrs   Within the Wave
Anny Yan, 17yrs   Boundary
Supakarn Masunthasuwan, 16yrs   Inner Beast
Lemie Saza, 16yrs   Goldfinch
Nikita Chernyshov, 17yrs   Power Dialogue
Darina Mosyagina, 17yrs   Crow
Farhana Khalid, 18yrs   Untitled