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Pimlico Academy

London / United Kingdom

Pimlico Academy The Academy currently teaches students from Years 7 to 13 (aged 11 to 18) and offers an exceptional education for all. Pimlico is a highly aspirational school where we pride ourselves on our determination to deliver excellence in every aspect of our provision and develop culturally literate young adults.

Pupils' Art Works

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Mohammed, 18yrs   Self portrait in leaf
Alanya, 18yrs   Rabbit
Meylan, 18yrs   Bolivian Pot
Florence, 17yrs   Conflict Pot
Aya, 17yrs   Marilyn Pot
Meylan, 18yrs   Woodcut prints
Ruhel, 17yrs   Bankside & Big Ben
Ruhel, 17yrs   Architecture pot
Blake, 16yrs   I am not a woman. I am a force of nature
Rayan, 15yrs   Self portrait collage
Meg, 16yrs   Self portrait with insects
Mohammed, 18yrs   Collage
Meylan, 18yrs   Bolivian print
Aminata, 14yrs   Teasel and pinecone rotation
Meylan, 18yrs   Bolivia & Girl
Florence, 17yrs   Self portrait with scarf
Aya, 17yrs   Symmetrical Self Portrait
Ruhel, 17yrs   St Paul\'s & Reflection
Meylan, 18yrs   Bolivia & Girl Collage
Chloe, 17yrs   Death Pot
Chloe, 17yrs   Religion & Conflict
Alanya, 18yrs   Wolf in the woods
Chloe, 17yrs   Man & Pig
Aya, 17yrs   Portrait
Meylan, 18yrs   St Paul\'s
Meylan, 18yrs   Bolivia & Girl Diptych
Mohammed, 18yrs   3 portraits
Ruhel, 17yrs   Reflections i
Ruhel, 17yrs   Reflections ii
Ruhel, 17yrs   Reflections iii