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Eastbrook School

Dagenham / United Kingdom

Eastbrook School Mixed State Comprehensive, 11-18 years of age. 995 pupils on roll. Art GCSE above National Average. AS/A2 courses taught. Links with UAL widening particiation.

Pupils' Art Works

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justina jusinskaite, 18yrs   Fauve woodland
Justina Jusinskaite, 18yrs   Iris
Jennifer Bailan Ebaco, 18yrs   Inspired by Music
Jennifer Bailan Ebaco, 18yrs   Still life with pencils
Kirston Jarrett, 17yrs   Still life with glass bottles
Jade Ocampo, 17yrs   Distortion in a glass ball
Megan Scott, 17yrs   Reflections in glass
Rachael Osibodu, 16yrs   The Journey
Rachael Osibodu, 16yrs   Suffering
Rachael Asamoah, 15yrs   Self portrait
Rachael Asamoah, 15yrs   Glamour model
Michele Bettio, 15yrs   Portrait in Blue
Jaiyeola Olaleye, 14yrs   Self Portrait
Izabella Voicau, 16yrs   distorted friendship
Jaiyeola Olaleye, 14yrs   Distorted self image
Janee Ahmir, 14yrs   Distorted self portrait
Gloria Akinbusaye, 14yrs   Distorted self image
Olive Anumba, 14yrs   Distorted self portrait
Izabella Voicau, 16yrs   Pressure point
Peace Kazeem, 14yrs   Distorted self image
Dexter Ncube, 18yrs   Speed