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French American International School

San Francisco / United States

French American International School International High School is an independent high school located in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco and is part of the French American International School.

Guided by the principles of academic rigor and diversity, the French American International School offers programs of study in French and English to prepare its graduates for a world in which the ability to think critically and to communicate across cultures is of paramount importance.

The Arts are a vibrant, integral part of International High School's community and student life.

Pupils' Art Works

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Noah, 17yrs   GMO Tomato
Noah, 17yrs   Divine Bovine
Kayla, 17yrs   The are no races
Clelia, 17yrs   The Perspective of Age on the Mundane
Clelia, 17yrs   Reminiscing the Present
Sophia, 17yrs   Divine Perspective
Sophia, 17yrs   Light of my life
Jack, 17yrs   Digital Medusa
Christy , 17yrs   Spice Clouds
Mia, 17yrs   Comfort
Izzy, 17yrs   Transitional Love Object
Izzy, 17yrs   Pom Pom
Sophia, 17yrs   Skyscraper
Mia, 17yrs   Veiled Mirrors
Sophia, 17yrs   Destruction Separated
Noah, 17yrs   Caged
Christy , 17yrs   Tactile Sensations
Adan, 14yrs  
Adan, 14yrs  
Maya, 14yrs  
Cate, 14yrs  
Ovilia, 15yrs   The Future Lies in your Hands - Rooftop Gardens
Maria Camila, 16yrs   The Future Lies in your Hands - Gun Control
Kendra, 15yrs   The Future Lies in your Hands - Renewable Energy
Isabel, 16yrs   The Future Lies in your Hands - Immigration
Alek, 15yrs   The Future Lies in your Hands - Free Medicine for All
Hunter, 16yrs   The Future Lies in your Hands - Harmony with Nature
Izzy, 17yrs   Comfort Object
Clelia, 17yrs   Borken China