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Elgin / United Kingdom

Gordonstoun It is the unique breadth of curriculum that marks Gordonstoun apart. A Gordonstoun education encompasses academic ambition; a world beating Outdoor Education programme; an active engagement in community service by all of its pupils; and a myriad of sporting, music and drama opportunities. Headmaster Simon Reid says “Our academic programme aims to throw open the doors to life beyond Gordonstoun as widely as possible. But if the last 20 years of technological change have shown us anything, it is that the world in which our young people will grow up, is evermore fast changing and unpredictable. We have to teach them about decision making and adaptability. My aim is for our pupils to leave school with a better understanding of working in teams, making decisions and self-awareness than most 18 year olds could be expected to have.”
Gordonstoun is fully co-educational and is one of the few remaining full boarding schools in the country. Approximately one third of our students come from overseas representing over 30 nationalities and helping to create an important mix of language and culture. We pride ourselves on our pastoral system and ethos of care and support throughout the school.
The School’s motto “Plus est en vous” is really true at Gordonstoun; a school which provides a preparation for university and life beyond.

Pupils' Art Works

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Amelia Rocos, 17yrs   Through the cracks
Mohammed Al-Khonji, 17yrs   Destruction: Chaos and order
Amelia Rocos, 17yrs   Structures Series 1
Amelia Rocos, 17yrs   Structures Series 2
Giorgia Comana, 18yrs   Lizzie
Giorgia Comana, 18yrs   The night
Giorgia Comana, 18yrs   Hiding
Giorgia Comana, 18yrs   Reach
Giorgia Comana, 18yrs   Obscured
Polly Simpson, 17yrs   Decay
Flora Johnston, 17yrs   Patterns from citylife
Matthew jenkins, 17yrs   Hands Series 1
Veronica Dong, 17yrs   Still life with bottle
Matthew Jenkins, 17yrs   Hands series 2
Eliza Coulson, 17yrs   Order and disorder
Alice Monteith , 17yrs   Fears and phobias
Alice Monteith, 17yrs   Fears and phobias
Alice Monteith, 17yrs   Fears and Phobias
Henry Scott-Bowden, 16yrs   I see you and you see me
George Issa, 17yrs   Fight or flight
Alice Monteith, 17yrs   Little creatures
Alice Monteith, 17yrs   Look here and there
Amelia Rocos, 17yrs   Ella