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Robert Blake Science College

Bridgwater / United Kingdom

Robert Blake Science College We are an 11-16 comprehensive school where everyone, both staff and students, strives to be the best they can be. Our ethos is captured in three simple words – ‘Aspire Achieve Celebrate’

Pupils' Art Works

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Devon Venner, 16yrs   \'Fantastic and Strange\'
Freya McGill, 15yrs   \'My Blog\'
India Reece, 15yrs   \'Natural Forms\'
Millie Bines, 15yrs   Art and Words
Harry Chave, 15yrs   Here and Now
Reanna Callow, 15yrs   Naural Forms
Gemma Martin, 15yrs   Natural Forms
Gemma Martin, 15yrs   Art and Words
Libby Heal, 16yrs   The Human Condition
Lili Ibbottson, 15yrs   Atmospheres
Rosie May, 15yrs   Art and Words \'Breathe\'
Najiyah Begum, 16yrs   Art and Words
Freya McGill, 15yrs   Natural Forms
Najiyah Begum, 16yrs   Identity
Charlotte Reynolds, 15yrs   ME