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St George's British International School, Rome.

Rome / Italy

St George\'s British International School, Rome. St George's British International School of Rome is an independent, not-for-profit HMC school. We were founded in 1958 and cater for boys and girls from the age of 3 to 18. Our students come from over 60 countries and share a diverse and constantly evolving array of knowledge, cultural perspectives, capacities, inclinations and interests. They are exposed to the diverse stimuli of Rome, and the wider, increasingly globalised society. We aim to help each individual to develop the practical, theoretical and investigative skills necessary to engage in the critical, creative and cultural exploration of the world around them.

Pupils' Art Works

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Flavia B, 16yrs   Reflections (Self Portrait)
Giulia C, 16yrs   Flora & Fauna (Self Portrait)
Olivia R, 18yrs   Something that glows, wrapped in tissue paper
Olivia R, 18yrs   xxXXxx
Olivia R, 18yrs   The Good Night Bird
Chiara C, 17yrs   Silly Puppies (Art Under The Road To Sorolla)
Isabella C, 18yrs   Endless Journey
Isabella C, 18yrs   Intrappolati
Isabella C, 18yrs   Deux Perspectives
Emily W, 16yrs   Secretly Listening to Mr Tait in Springtime!
Beatrice A, 18yrs   “Breaking News!”
Beatrice A, 18yrs   “Niñas”
Ludovica P, 18yrs   Le rôle de l’artiste est de rêver
Ludovica P, 18yrs   Gloria
Natasha G, 18yrs   Galaxy Protocluster
Natasha G, 18yrs   Collateral Damage
Ruihong J, 14yrs   Still Life Study
Ruihong J, 14yrs   Lights of Roma
Ruihong J, 14yrs   Study of a Head
Margherita S, 15yrs   Steam
Margherita S, 15yrs   CHROME