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South Plantation High School

Plantation / United States

South Plantation High School The school is located in Plantation Florida. I am currently a sophomore, and in my experience the school is great.
I took art my freshman year, and the teacher strived to make us better. Although he tried making us better, he didn't have enough materials for us, and would go out of his way to buy materials with his own money.
I am entering this contest because, not only do I think my art needs to be seen, but also because my school's art program needs more materials to let students show their creativity.

Pupils' Art Works

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Dimithry Victor, 15yrs   Modern Day Bible: Our Perceptions of Figures
Dimithry Victor, 15yrs   Fashion Angel
Dimithry Victor, 15yrs   Eaglehead
Dimithry Victor, 15yrs   UNTITLED
Dimithry Victor, 15yrs   Modern Day Bible: Supper
Dimithry Victor, 15yrs   Female Vampire