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Holt / United Kingdom

Gresham\'s Independent boarding and day school on the north Norfolk coast with a contemporary approach to the teaching of Art.

Pupils' Art Works

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Lottie Alston, age 18yrs   Afterglow
Remy Bennett-Abbiss, age 18yrs   Ribbons
Theo Knapp, age 17yrs   cut and fold
Adam Partridge, age 18yrs   Ward 9
Zarya Austin-Fells, age 18yrs   The cold below
Daisy Carrick-Smith, age 18yrs   Stairs
Alice Carrick-Smith, age 17yrs   Repeat Pattern
Henry Valori, age 18yrs   Blocks
Anthony Leung , age 18yrs   Fall
Cecily Rainey, age 17yrs   Self-portrait
Emily Johnston, age 17yrs   Still life
Ellie Sadler, age 18yrs   Night Vision
Lottie Alston, age 18yrs   Petra Dish Disco
Bryoney Frazer-Burn, age 17yrs   Vodoo