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Baden Powell Primary School

London / United Kingdom

Baden Powell Primary School Baden Powell Primary School is dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience for all our children.

We have high aspirations for all our children and are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, supportive environment that will help our children grow both emotionally and socially, while challenging them academically to instill a love of learning and thirst for knowledge. Our children are happy learners and they rise to any challenges that are set them by their teachers.

We understand that strong partnerships with parents and carers, coupled with excellent teaching will help all our children achieve their full potential in all areas of their journey across primary school. We are an inclusive school and seek to ensure that all our children’s different needs are meet while at Baden Powell Primary School.

Pupils' Art Works

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Baden Powell R-6, 4-11yrs   Autumn
Samual and Saad, 9-10yrs   Autumn
Aishah, 11yrs   Autumn
Joyce, 10yrs   Autumn
Jahnyel, 4yrs   Autumn
Avzem, 8yrs   Autumn
Caitlin, 11yrs   Autumn
Ala'a, 9yrs   Autumn
Tasneem, 10yrs   Autumn
Shemiyah, 11yrs   Autumn
Sinan, 11yrs   Autumn
Justin, 9yrs   Autumn
Jadah, 10yrs   Autumn