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The Warriner School

Banbury / United Kingdom

The Warriner School Providing Outstanding Art Provision ages 11-18

Pupils' Art Works

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Natasha Muckelbeg, Age 17yrs   Catching the dream
Natasha Muckelberg, 17yrs   Red Indian
Megan Stone, 14yrs   My Dog
Natasha Muckelberg, 17yrs   Red Indian
Sophie Kirk, 17yrs   My Grandad at War
Lisa Arts, 16yrs   Smashed 1
Joe Dunlop, 15yrs   Twisted
Jo e Dunlop, 15yrs   Opening
Megan Kyte, 12yrs   Parrot Collage
Natasha Muckelberg, 17yrs   Manipulation
Louise Raper, 15yrs   Granny
Natasha Muckleberg, 17yrs   Lost Childhood
Imogen Sprio, 16yrs  
Rosie Gulbis, 18yrs   The Idea
Sabaa Azhar, 16yrs   London
Natasha Muckelberg, 17yrs  
Natasha Muckelberg, 17yrs   Chasing the dream
Jo Dunlop, 16yrs   Roadkill
Jo Dunlop, 16yrs   Student with Roadkill Art
Sophie Kirk, 17yrs   Meat Mountain
Sophie Kirk, 17yrs   Family Tree
Daisy Sharp, 17yrs   McDonalds Factory Farm
Sophie Kirk, 17yrs   Family Tree
Matthew Hall, 14yrs   Barrage of letters and implied words
Camilla Hancock, 15yrs   Where is my package?
Camilla Hancock, 15yrs   Misfit
Chloe Heath, 18yrs   Self Portrait
Darcy Hawtin, 17yrs   I am not going out with either of you!