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Chancellor's School

Hatfield / United Kingdom

Chancellor\'s School Chancellor’'s is a Foundation school with 1,085 pupils, aged 11–-18. It is situated in the village of Brookmans Park in South Hertfordshire. It has been a specialist mathematics and computing college since September 2004 and has had a second specialism in languages since April 2008. Many of the students come to the school from the local villages as well as Potters Bar and Hatfield. Additionally, 10% of students are admitted to the school on their musical aptitude. The school opened in September 1964. The impressive grounds are some 15 acres in extent including substantial sports grounds. The curriculum is broad in Years 7 and 8. In Years 9, 10 and 11 students study a broad core of subjects including Citizenship, English, Mathematics, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science and ICT. In addition, students are able to express a limited preference for further subjects to support their individual interests and aspirations. A large percentage of our students stay on to study in our sixth form. We are also committed to offering our students a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. Music and drama flourish at Chancellor’'s with many concerts and performances. There are clubs for students of all ages, and regular visits are arranged to plays, exhibitions and museums. The main sports include football, rugby, netball, athletics and basketball and a number of our students play for county teams. There are 81 members of the teaching staff, both full and part time supported by a professional and organised associate staff. Further details about Chancellor'’s may be found on our website. Enquiries by telephone are welcome. The full address and telephone number are: Chancellor'’s School, Pine Grove, Brookmans Park, AL9 7BN. Tel: 01707 650702

Pupils' Art Works

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Saffy Lamrhari, 17yrs   \'Desire\'
Saffy Lamrhari, 17yrs   \'Meloncholy\'
Zhengyang Zhao, 17yrs   \'UH Stevenage\'
Saffy Lamrhari, 17yrs   \'The Scream\'
Jayne Armes, 18yrs   Air Raid Over the Grand Canyon
Leyla Salih, 17yrs   \'Pub Dude\'
Leyla Salih, 18yrs   \'Robert Bullwinkle\'
Saffy Lamrhari, 17yrs   \'Donya\'
Leyla Salih, 18yrs   \'The Star Gazer\'
Victoria Absolon, 17yrs  
Victoria Absolon, 17yrs  
Victoria Absolon, 17yrs  
Victoria Absolon, 17yrs  
Tom Lunnon, 17yrs   Submergence
Zengyang Zhao, 17yrs   Facade
Zengyang Zhao, 17yrs   Penthouse View Of A Polluted Sky
Victoria Absolon, 18yrs   Self portrait #1
Jazz Wood, 16yrs   Reflections in the Bathroom
Zengyang Zhao, 17yrs   Thirtieth Floor Looking South
Eva Povey, 17yrs   Trapped
Zengyang Zhao, 17yrs   SkyPad
Eva Povey, 17yrs  
Leyla Salih, 18yrs   Ritual