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Wycombe Abbey

High Wycombe / United Kingdom

wycombe Abbey An independent boarding school for girls aged 11-18.

Pupils' Art Works

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Beatrice Webber, 16yrs   The Human Condition
Charlotte Adamo, 16yrs   Portraiture
Charlotte Adamo, 16yrs   Fantastic and strange
Chloe Cramer, 16yrs   Natural Form
Emma Gibbs, 18yrs   Isolation
Isobel Yap, 17yrs   Personal Objects
Jaemin Ban , 16yrs   Structure and Colour
Laura Cameron, 18yrs   Mother and Child
Muse Praditbatuga, 16yrs   Food
Stella Ritchie, 18yrs   Skulls
Stephanie Leung, 16yrs   Mathematical Patterns in Nature
Winnie Yap, 18yrs   Still Life with Food