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Hornsea School And Language College

Hornsea / United Kingdom

Hornsea School and Language College At Hornsea School & Language College we are committed to providing the highest possible standard of education for all students of all abilities. We are actively working to broaden horizons and promote a caring and challenging learning culture to foster a genuine love for learning.

Pupils' Art Works

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Alice, 17yrs   Remembrance
Becky, 17yrs   The glance
Emily, 17yrs  
Emily, 17yrs   Forgiving
Olivia, 17yrs   Warmth
Brooke, 17yrs   Innocents
Emily, 17yrs  
Jordon, 17yrs   Alone
Laura, 17yrs   Roller Derby
Charlotte, 17yrs   Tulip
Angel, 17yrs  
Mark, 17yrs   The Scream
Beth, 17yrs  
Chantelle, 17yrs  
Emily, 17yrs   Nasty word
Abi, 17yrs   Hidden
Abi, 17yrs   Becky
Brooke, 17yrs   Dual
Charlotte, 17yrs   All in the name of Beauty
Ellie, 16yrs   Cherry
Kate, 16yrs   Keys
Megan, 16yrs  
Grace, 16yrs   Multiples
Kate, 16yrs   Alice
Alex Lee, 17yrs   Blue Etching