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Norton Knatchbull School

Ashford / United Kingdom

Norton Knatchbull School The Norton Knatchbull School is a popular and highly regarded selective school for boys aged 11-18 which admits a growing number of girls into its Sixth Form. Having proudly served the local community of Ashford in Kent since the 17th century, we combine traditional values with a forward-looking and vibrant learning environment where young people are nurtured to become considerate, confident and well-rounded individuals.

Pupils' Art Works

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William Calver, 17yrs   Simon Weston
William Calver, 17yrs   From the ashes
William Calver, 17yrs   Simon Weston
William Calver, 18yrs  
Will Triggs, 14yrs   Marine Still Life
Ben Sinclair, 14yrs   Marine still life
Ben Sinclair, 14yrs   Crab
Tom Bobeldijk, 16yrs   Self portrait
Will Calver, 18yrs   This is me
George Cooper, 17yrs   This is Me
Tom Bobeldijk, 15yrs   Baby Tom
Will Calver, 17yrs   Beauty\'s skin deep
Justin Bean, 18yrs   canterbury cathedral
Jeremy Whorlow, 18yrs   Power Stuggle
Will Calver, 17yrs   Beauty\'s skin deep
Will Calver, 17yrs   In the eye of the beholder
Will Calver, 17yrs   Give it a go
Oliver Rose, 17yrs   Self Portrait
Shilong Wang, 18yrs   Jump
Justin Bean, 18yrs   Beached at Dungeness
Jeremy Whorlow, 18yrs   Labour of Love
Will Calver, 17yrs   future Colour
Nabin Phauja, 17yrs   Exit
Nabin Phauja, 17yrs   Rain
Oliver Tushingham, 16yrs   Still Life with Books
Oliver Tushingham, 16yrs   Joe
Tom Bobledijk, 16yrs   Becca
Matthew Salisbury, 15yrs   Mother & child
Tom Bobledijk, 16yrs   Golfer
Callum McHugh, 15yrs   Zebra
Owain Griffiths, 16yrs   Milo