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Grove City / United States

Grove City Area School District - Maurice B. Cohill, Jr. Academic Center

Grove City Area School District - Maurice B. Cohill, Jr. Academic Center
Since 1909, children have lived in this distinctively unique environment. The 500-acre open-campus setting, a culmination of state-of-the-art living facilities, fully accredited academic and vocational educational programs, therapeutic activities, and a large continuum of care, was strategically designed to create an atmosphere where children could experience positive and lasting development. Annually, George Junior Republic’s programs serve the needs of more than 1,000 disadvantaged children and their families from throughout the nation. Striving to fulfill these individuals’ needs is possible only with the continued support of foundations, corporations, and individuals, along with county, state and federal funding sources. With every contact – from administrators and teachers to social workers and counselor-parents –youth experience consistent structure, supervision and support. George Junior Republic is committed to helping each youth reach his full potential, by providing him with the tools needed to become a contributing member of society.The focus of both the academic and vocational-technical programs center on critical thinking and traditional education, while simultaneously emphasizing application and active involvement to provide students with guidance and career exploration. Additionally, leadership and job procurement skills are integrated and reinforced throughout a student’s curriculum to strengthen his skills needed to be successful in the workplace and in the community.

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