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The London Oratory

London / United Kingdom

The London Oratory Founded in 1863 by the Fathers of the Oratory, The London Oratory School is one of England's oldest and most distinguished Catholic state-funded boys’ schools. Girls are admitted into the sixth form.

We are proud of our pupils’ successes. We are dedicated to celebrating achievement, creativity and effort across a vast range of academic and co-curricular pursuits. Our appeal as a school rests in our strong sense of faith community, the values we strive to maintain, our commitment to realising the potential of each and every young man and woman in our care, and in providing a balanced education that addresses the academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of our pupils' lives.

Pupils' Art Works

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Zachary Buckley, 15yrs   mum
Oscar Hale, 15yrs   threeofus
Bruno Wieringa-Diaz, 15yrs   self
Joseph Wedgewood, 15yrs   pillink
Jo, 17yrs   tom
Niamh, 17yrs   self portrait
Finlay Wells, 15yrs   selfportrait
Sophia, 17yrs   lemon
Daniel Yanez-Cunningham, 13yrs   the rose
Cosimo De Barry, 15yrs  
Stas Kaleta , 13yrs  
Ludovico De Barry, 12yrs   Ludo
Anthony Fennell , 12yrs   Anthony
Kaih Lares, 12yrs   Kaih
Maximilion Mika, 16yrs   London Bikes
Mateo Rossi Rolando, 16yrs   Cambridge to London
Oliver Farrugia, 16yrs   crazy family
Jaroslow Krzystek, 15yrs   three generations
Eric Tishler, 15yrs   threads
Maximilion Mika, 16yrs   wet london night
Robert Lipinski, 16yrs   nofixedaddress
Julian Saade , 13yrs   trumpet
Simon Adams, 16yrs   natures difference
Aine Sweeney Byrne, 16yrs   Mollie