30th anniversary
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School Visits

Walthamstow Hall

Sevenoaks / United Kingdom

Walthamstow Hall Girls Independent Day School.

Small Fine Art and creative Textiles department.

Pupils' Art Works

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Lucinda Haslock, aged16yrs   London
Melissa Sanger, 17yrs  
Lucy Pigott, aged 18yrs   Wave 1
Lucy Pigott, aged 18yrs   Power of Wave 2
Olufemi Adeleye, aged 17yrs  
Olufemi Adeleye, aged17yrs   Sister
Francesca Suer, aged 16yrs   Gathered
Clare Doran, aged17yrs   3 trees
Emily van den Berg, aged 16yrs   The Thames
Scarlet Worrow, aged 17yrs   Hero
Eleanor Newton, aged 17yrs   Fusion
Alice Evans, aged 16yrs   Boy
Stephanie Taylor, aged 17yrs   The Hollow Trunk
Elena Gutierrez Garcia, aged 16yrs   Oldbury woods 1
Elena Gutierrez Garcia, aged 16yrs   Oldbury woods 2
Lucy Pigott, 18yrs    Power of waves 3
Melissa Sanger, 17yrs   Transient 2
Rhoanne Flanagan, 16yrs   Saint Pauls 2014
Nancy oliver, 16yrs   Chair
Katherine Hill, 16yrs   St Pancreas
Nikitah Patel, 18yrs   swimmer 2
Nikitah Patel, 18yrs   swimmer 1
Nikitah Patel, 18yrs   swimmer 3
Miranda Birt, 18yrs   A walk
Miranda Birt, 18yrs    My Brother
Kristen Edwards, 16yrs   Taps
Susanna Walter, 18 yearsyrs  
Susanna Walter, 18yrs   Piccadilly Circus
Victoria Bee, 18yrs   Man and his Dog
Katherine Buller, 18 yearsyrs   My Generation
Katherine Alcock, 18 yearsyrs   A corner of my room
Charlotte Thomas, 18yrs   Cake
Rachel Steinbrecher, 17yrs   Winter