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Istanbul / Turkey

Hisar School

HISAR SCHOOL Hisar School is a PreK-12 school located in Ä°stanbul with current enrollment of 1,330 students. Hisar's mission is to facilitate its students to discover and develop their true potential.

Committed to a continuous improvement in learning, Hisar believes in the skills, resources and qualifications that exist in its students, teachers, parents and our community. Hisar School aims to transform their potential into reality and to help individuals acquire the skills, knowledge and responsibility to use their full potential at all times.

Hisar embraces diversity and gives importance to create an environment in which differences are recognized, appreciated and encouraged. According to Hisar's education philosophy, each student has the right to reach and further improve his/her true potential through the opportunities provided for him/her. In line with this philosophy, Hisar School focuses on creating the necessary learning environment and structure to support Hisar students.
Along with an excellent academic program, Hisar boasts of strong and energetic arts and music departments equipped with spacious arts and music studios, gallery space and a 700 seated theatre. Please visit www.hisarschool.k12.tr for more information.

Pupils' Art Works

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