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The Grey Coat Hospital

London / United Kingdom

The Grey Coat Hospital The Grey Coat Hospital, founded in 1698, is a Church of England Academy for girls aged eleven to eighteen which is mixed in the Sixth Form. We are a school with strong values, committed to ensuring that each student is known as an individual, develops the knowledge, skills and personal qualities to lead successful and fulfilling lives, and is empowered to do so.

Pupils' Art Works

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Rebecca Fielding, 17yrs   Net of Superstition
Julie Dang, 17yrs   Pixelated puzzle
Guenevere Kiely, 17yrs   Soap
Niga Ghafur, 17yrs   Withering Weeds
Amana Moore, 16yrs  
Blue Baker-Haslam, 16yrs  
Jadene Aguilar, 18yrs  
Clemmie Kenyon, 17yrs  
Carrina Costa, 18yrs  
Harriet Helmsley, 17yrs  
Daisy Morris, 17yrs  
Catherine Price, 17yrs  
Ella Ashdown, 16yrs  
Gabriella Kanini-Parsons, 17yrs   Slum
Miranda Peyton-Jones, 17yrs   ‘Ascend’
Ruby Tuesday Tarrant, 16yrs   \'Thou Shalt Not\'
Marianna Chrysanthou, 16yrs  
Daisy Chamberlain, 16yrs   Shrines
Grace Allen, 17yrs   Selfie
Vida Adamczewski, 16yrs   Singular
Chloe Ellis, 17yrs  
Chloe Ellis, 17yrs  
Daisy Chamberlain, 16yrs  
Joy Jindu, 16yrs  
Kotryna , 18yrs  
Saskia Dammers, 18yrs  
Jadene Aguilar, 18yrs  
Clemmie kenyon, 17yrs  
Esteniah Williams, 17yrs  
Daisy Morris, 17yrs  
Emma Jemson, 18yrs  
Emma Jemson, 18yrs  
Rosie Young, 17yrs  
Rosie Young, 17yrs  
Ella Ashdown, 16yrs  
Polly Alexander, 17yrs   Broken Relationships
Amana Moore, 16yrs  
Vasilisa Dubova, 13yrs   Watermelon
Vasilisa Dubova, 13yrs