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Cowbridge Comprehensive School

Cowbridge / United Kingdom

Cowbridge Comprehensive School The school is a popular co-educational secondary school situated in the market town
of Cowbridge in the Vale of Glamorgan. The school is able to trace its roots back to 1608
and has a reputation for excellence. About 1200 students between the ages of 11 and 16 study at the school for their GCSE and vocational qualifications, with more than 300 students in the Sixth Form studying for BTEC Level 3, AS and A2 Level examinations and the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification. In addition to this first class formal education, the school offers a rich extra-curricular programme which includes opportunities to participate in sport, the creative and performing arts and to
experience outdoor learning, both at home and abroad. The Art Department is a highly successful department that offers GCSE Art and Design, A Level Fine Art and A Level Photography. Many of the students that study within the department choose to pursue the Arts to foundation and degree level.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ellie Williams, 18yrs  
Amy Oliver , 18yrs  
Amy O'Donnell, 17yrs  
Charlotte Morris , 17yrs  
Connor Brown, 18yrs  
Daniel Love, 18yrs  
Daniel Hollings, 18yrs  
Eleanor Doble-Ward, 17yrs  
Eliza Smith, 17yrs  
Emma Atkins, 17yrs  
Emma Dando , 18yrs  
Emma Travers-Jones, 18yrs  
Hannah Porch, 17yrs  
Holly Richardson, 18yrs  
Will Christian , 18yrs  
Isobel Armour, 18yrs  
Isobel Sanderson, 18yrs  
Jack Powell, 18yrs  
Kate Llewelyn, 17yrs  
Lucy Street , 18yrs  
Lydia Hitchings, 17yrs  
Megan Brown, 17yrs  
Melissa Gooding, 18yrs  
Nancy Roberts-Smith , 18yrs  
Sarah Cory-Rees, 17yrs  
William Griffiths, 18yrs