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Norwich School

Norwich / United Kingdom

Norwich School Norwich School is a co-educational, independent day school for pupils aged seven to eighteen. Set in the Cathedral Close, Norwich School is a traditional, yet lively place where boys and girls enjoy a rounded and stimulating education. The school is characterised by strong, warm relationships and a profound appreciation of scholarship.

Pupils' Art Works

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Rosie Hook, 18yrs   serial killer
James Baxter, 18yrs   Severalls Asylum
Angela Yaing, 17yrs   Sadness
Jennifer Williamson, 17yrs   Art of the machine
Edward Larner 2, 18yrs   Anglia Square 2
Edward Larner, 18yrs   Anglia Square 1
Edward Larner, 18yrs   Anglia Square 3
Edward Larner, 18yrs   Glitch
Louise Roberts, 18yrs   Sister
James Baxter, 18yrs   Pontins, Hemsby, Norfolk
Anna Jolly, 16yrs   Eve
Connor White, 16yrs   Paper
Connor White, 16yrs   Untitled
Lauren Nurse, 17yrs   Lexi
Lauren Nurse, 17yrs   Fragile Rose
Charlotte Hudson-Madge, 16yrs   Alien
Charlotte Hudson-Madge, 16yrs   After Millais
Chiara Bettoni, 17yrs   Enclosed Space
Angela Yaing, 18yrs   Untitled
Angela Yaing, 18yrs   untitled
Robbie Brett, 18yrs   Encouraging interaction
Frederique Briscoe, 18yrs   Related Forms
Frederique Briscoe, 18yrs   Destruction
Kirsten Bishop, 17yrs   Temporary structures
Kieron Betts, 18yrs   Fractured Table
Samual Crafer, 17yrs   Wind 1
India Gill, 18yrs   Grids
Christian Burton, 17yrs   Rest
John Wilkinson, 18yrs   Up-cycled Chair