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Highworth Grammar School

Ashford / United Kingdom

Highworth Grammar School Students are encouraged to have a strong belief in their ability, constantly strive for improvement and treat others how they might like to be treated themselves. We place very highly the emphasis on creating an environment where students are confident, happy and valued. Opportunities are available to develop and nurture the strengths and talents of all our students, ensuring a sense of enjoyment is developed in their learning.

Pupils' Art Works

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Alfie Corroll, 17yrs   Rescue
Marieangela Pfhaler, 17yrs   Architectural abstraction
Megan Young, 18yrs   Construction
Chloe Lindridge, 18yrs   The kitchen sink
Annie Blomfield, 17yrs   Balance
Jaydon Moller-Clarke, 16yrs   Big night out.
Joseph Wright, 17yrs   Cathedral interior
Niamh Hejsak, 17yrs   Study of outstretched hand.
Kim Ryan, 17yrs   Red Shoes
Madeleine Rogers, 17yrs   Skull study
Jason Friend, 16yrs   Industrial man
James Moug, 17yrs   No-one will dance
Robin Miller, 17yrs   Breaking light
Anna Bobeldijk, 17yrs   Study for wounded
Tom Bobeldijk, 17yrs   Pepper mix
Olivia Thirkell, 14yrs   Spiral perspective
Alice Reed, 16yrs   Lino reduction.
Sophie Allen, 17Yrsyrs   Dizzy the cat.