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LittleMasters LittleMasters is a Not-for-Profit organisation created to teach the fundamental skills of drawing and painting to primary school children.

Pupils' Art Works

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Ruby L., Age 11yrs   \'Charging Elephant\'
Jemima J., Age 11yrs   \'Stanley\'
Isobel F., Age 11yrs   \'She\'s Been Framed\'
Izzy A., Age 10yrs   \'Spring Lily\'
Billy N., Age 11yrs  
Emma S., Age 11yrs   \'The Angel\'
Honor W., Age 11yrs   \'Leaping Tiger, Hidden Artist\'
Millie A., Age 11yrs   \'Splash in the Rainforest\'
Cecilia G., Age 9yrs   \'King of the River\'
Katie A., Age 8yrs   \'Flutterby\'
Amy D., Age 10yrs   \'Black and White\'
Ottavia T., Age 8yrs  
Oliver, Age 9yrs  
George, Age 7yrs   \'Red Car in the West\'
Charlie, Age 7yrs   \'Terrace by the Sea\'
Iona, Age 8yrs  
Georgia, Age 9yrs   A study of Two Children on a Beach (by Unknown Artist)
Sophie M., Age 9yrs   \'The Faraway Tree\'
Amelia, Age 9yrs   \'Pink Ballerina\'
Poppy, Age 9yrs  
Biba, Age 9yrs  
Amy S., Age 7yrs   A study of \'Time Askew\' after Barb Pearson
Cassandra, Age 9yrs   Study of Elephants after (unknown artist)
Fiona, Age 8yrs   A landscape study after (unknown artist)
Isabella, Age 7yrs   A study of a landscape after (unknown artist)
Oscar, Age 7yrs   study of a snake after (unknown artist)
Leonardo, Age 9yrs  
Ram, Age 10yrs  
Beatrice, Age 7yrs  
Esin, Year 2yrs   A study of parrots after (unknown artist)
Maria, Age 8yrs   A study of Parrots after (unknown artist)
Meheru, Age 9yrs   A study of a Tucan after (unknown artist)
Wilfred, Age 10yrs   \'Silent Stinger\'
Sophie N., Age 8yrs   A study of \'Hong Kong\' after Magdalena Frohnsdorff
Pollyanna, Age 8yrs   A study of \'Las Vegas\' after Leonid Afremov
Ishbel, Age 10yrs  
Mungo, Age 10yrs   \'The Sharp Teeth Biter\'
Bella M., Age 6yrs   \'Swan Lake\'
Andoni, Age 8yrs   A study of \'David and Bathsheba\' after Marc Chagall
Sophia E., Age 7yrs   \'Water Lily\'
Sofia R., Age 7yrs   A Study of \'Sunflowers\' by Van Gogh
Macy, Age 5yrs   A study of \'The girl with Green Eyes\' by Matisse
Kate N., Age 7yrs   Study of \'Road with Cypress and Star\' by Van Gogh
Tristan, Age 9yrs   \'Burj Kalifa in Dubai\'
Joshua, Year 2yrs   Study of \'Still Life with Onions and Bottle\' after Cezanne
Grace C., Year 4yrs   \'Still Life\' after unknown artist
Lily T., Age 7yrs   \'Pears\'
Grace H., Age 6yrs   \'Baby Orangutan\'
Milo C., Age 7yrs   A study of \'Moonlight\' after William Turner
Jonti, Age 7yrs   A study of \'Dora Marr\' after Picasso
Celeste, Age 7yrs   \'Turtle\' inspired by National Geographic
Sophie W., Age 4yrs   Moonlight
Lily W., Age 7yrs   \'Vase of Flowers\'
Sofia H., Age 6yrs   A study of \'Madras Rouge\' after Matisse
Emilyn L., Age 6yrs   A study of \'Girl with Green Eyes\' after Matisse
Jessica P., Age 7yrs   A study of \'Wild Flowers in a long-nicked Vase\' after Odilon Redon