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Newcastle-under-lyme College A Level Photography

Newcastle-under-lyme, / United Kingdom

Newcastle-under-Lyme College A level Photography A level Photography department within a college of further education

Pupils' Art Works

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Eirene Georgakakou, 17yrs   Winter Thistles
Hannah Mackay, 16yrs   The Mask
Hannah Mackay, 16yrs   Time
Lucy Harper, 17yrs   The world according to me
Emily Chappell, 16yrs   Flowers
Emily Chappell, 16yrs  
Emily Chappell, 16yrs   Confusion
Alexena Laws, 16yrs   Reflection
Grishna Regala, 17 yrs   Earth- melancholic 5
Grishna Regala, 17 yrs   Earth Melancholic 2
Grishna Regala, 17 yrs   Earth Melancholic 3
Grishna Regala, 17 yrs   Earth Melancholic 4
Grishna Regala, 17 yrs   Earth Melancholic 5
Charlotte Houlton, 16yrs   \
Yvonne Mayer, 16yrs   Olympic Park Reflection
Yvonne Mayer, 16yrs   Orbit Reflection
India Booth, 16yrs   \
Martha Davis, 16yrs   Intruder
Liam Mountford, 16yrs   Concrete puddle
Liam Mountford, 16yrs   Concrete
Liam Mountford, 16yrs   Concrete
Ryan Bailey, 17 yrs   Displacement 1
Ryan Bailey, 17 yrs   Displacement 2
Shannon Byrne, 16yrs   Self-portrait triptych
Alex Woodcock, 16yrs   Dressing room, Manchester.
Eleanor Johnson, 16yrs   Friend
Eleanor Johnson, 16yrs   Grandad
Eleanor Johnson, 16yrs   Grandma
Trudie Montford, 16yrs   Archie
Paris Austin, 16yrs   Dreams
Paris Austin, 16yrs   Sleep
Tyla Edmondson, 16yrs   ‘I dress for myself, not for you.’
Megan Hollins, 17 yrs   Vanity over dignity.
Megan Hollins, 17yrs   Vanity over dignity.
Eirene Georgakakou, 17yrs   Tranquility
Danica Hall, 18yrs   Light dress
Tom Grocott, 16yrs   Surveillance
Tom Grocott, 16yrs   Surveillance 2