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Manor School

London / United Kingdom

Manor School Manor School is a primary special school. Over 70% of our pupils have autism and learning difficulties and some of our pupils have very complex needs.
Our Vision is 'love, learn, laugh'. We have high aspiration for all of our pupils and art provides our pupils with a fantastic opportunity to express themselves, learn new techniques, demonstrate their amazing abilities and have fun.

Pupils' Art Works

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Samira, 10yrs   Fruit and vegetable still life
Jamie, 10yrs   Fruit and vegetables still life
Khaleem, 8yrs   Apple still life
Abdikarim, 7yrs   Bananas still life
Abdishakur, 8yrs   Watermelon still life
Sabihah, 10yrs   Fruit and vegetables still life
Trevae, 10yrs   Peppers still life
Leo, 9yrs   Fruit and vegetables still life